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How Important is Penis Size in a Relationship?

Ever since Adam walked the Garden of Eden men have been exercised by the question of penis size. While most women consider other characteristics of equal or greater importance, men are often occupied with thoughts such as what size penis is optimum. In extreme cases these self-doubts lead to psychoses of one sort or another.

What Is a “Big” Penis?

Before we go any further let us be clear as to what we are really talking about. What is considered a “large” or “small” penis?

An “average” erect penis may be considered around 5-6 inches long. This places the clear majority of men firmly (no pun intended) in the realm of being “average”. Penises have been measured at under 1 and as much as 18 inches in length. Each of these extremes present their particular problems (one is challenged to find an advantage of either). Like many other things in life, having a penis size at, or around average, often works out to be most convenient to all concerned.

Are There Advantages to Having a Large Penis?

The average man’s ambition is to have a large penis. The bigger, the better, we think. It is generally thought that a bigger than average size penis, say around 8-9 inches, is more effective when it comes to satisfying and impregnating women. Many women share in this belief, adding much credence to it. Because many women subscribe to this view, a man who is blessed with this bigger than average penis size, which will normally be clearly visible in his clothes, will be attractive to women for just that reason.

Thus, there are at least three advantages to a somewhat bigger than average penis size:

1. The ability to better satisfy women sexually

2. The ability to more easily impregnate

3. Being more physically attractive to women

I will add parenthetically that in the case of the first and third advantages above, women embrace me. In other words, in the case of gay or bisexual men, the first and third advantages apply equally to men as to women.

Arising from these advantages is an important fourth benefit. This may be described as a positive self-image. Once this does not become extreme it is a healthy thing. Like most other things taken to an extreme it presents problems.

This “feel good” effect applies to men who frequent locker rooms also. A large penis size builds a man’s confidence in situations where his penis size is likely to be compared to other males’ organs. This applies in the airport wash room as well as the gym’s locker room.

Of course, this confidence is shared by the fortunate male’s mates. He or she will be full of pride in situations where their mate’s penis size arises.

A fifth advantage to having a bigger penis is less obvious. This is because those who do, take it for granted and those who don’t, would not know. This advantage is that men with longer penises have longer lasting, harder erections. This is a good thing since women tend to reach orgasm faster when a smaller penis is involved. That having been said, longer intercourse usually means a more pleasurable experience, a plus in today’s world where sex is so much more than just having children.

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